Pride and Humility Part 3

Continued from Part 2

  • A humble person lives differently than a proud one. How does your life measure up in the area of humility?
  • Are you recognizing and trusting God’s character? Psalm 119:66
  • Are you seeing yourself as having no right whatsoever to question or judge an Almighty and Perfect God? (Psalm 145:17; Rom. 9:19-23).
  • Are you focusing on Christ? Phil 1:21; Heb 12:1-2
  • Are you rally praying and a great deal of it? 1 Thessalonnians 5:17; 1 timothy 2:1-2. Daniel prayed 3 times a day, and didn’t care when he knew that it was forbidden by law, he was willing to die but not to stop his communication with his creator.
  • Are you being overwhelmed with God’s undeserved grace and goodness? (Psalm 116:12-19)
  • Are you being thankful and grateful in general toward others? 1 Thessalonians 5:18
  • Are you being gentle and patient? (Col. 3:12-14)
  • Are you seeing yourself as no better than others? Rom.12:16;Eph.3:8
  • Are you being a good listener? (James 1:19; Phil 2:3-4)
  • Are you talking about others only if it’s good or for their good? (Prov.11:13)
  • Are you being gladly submissive and obedient to those in authority? (Rom.12:1-2;13:1-2)
  • Are you preferring others over yourself? (Rom.12:10)
  • Are you being thankful for criticism or reproof? Prov 9:8; 27:5-6
  • Do you have a teachable spirit? 1 Cor.4:7; Numbers 22:22-35 (Balaam and the donkey)
  • Are you seeking always to build up others? Eph.4:29
  • Are you serving? (Gal.5:13)
  • Do you quickly admit you’re wrong? Prov.29:23
  • Do you forgive and ask forgiveness quickly? Col.3:12-14
James 4:7-10
Without humility there can be no true repentance (change). It takes humility to learn humility. We have to humble ourselves before God before we can walk in humbleness. The fact that we humble ourselves is a response to the work of the Spirit of God. Once we have rightly humbled ourselves before God there are things we can do (always by God’s grace) to stay humble.
  • Pray for God to help you put off pride and to produce humility in you.
  • Read the Psalms and the Prophets often to gain a high view of God and proper self view. (Isaiah 57:15)
  • Study Jesus (His earthly examples; especially in the Gospels)
  • Ask others if you come across as proud in any way
  • Spend lots of time worshipping God (praising, prayer, reading and meditating)
  • Practice the “one-another” principles.
  • Work to put off pride and put on humility at the level of your thoughts, motives, communication, and deeds.
  • Have the mindset that humility must be a way of life Phil.2:3
If you humble yourself, God will exalt you. But are your words, actions, thoughts, way of treating others showing a genuine work of the Holy Spirit in your heart? Because humility is a mark of a true believer, a believer will give fruit. If there is no humility in your life then Luke 3:8-9, but if there is humility then the Lord will make you grow and become more Christ-like. Isaiah 55:6-7. Why so many verses? Not to confuse anyone, but to show how it all connects, to show how in every single demonstration of pride there was judgment from God, which shows that only He is sovereign and only He deserves the glory, any kind of glory. But all these verses ultimately lead to the greatest example of humility: Christ, the Son of God, nailed to the cross receiving the full wrath of God the Father upon Himself to present to Himself a Bride, for His glory, not for man’s.
So how can you apply this to your life? Seek the benefits of others, have the proper view of God Isaiah 57:15 where we see that God is the only one on Top and proper self-view which is that our lives are nothing, we are dust and to it we will return. Then the Lord will exalt you, how important is humility? I leave that to your thoughts right now. God bless you all.

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