It Will Cost You EVERYTHING!

2010. New year. 2009 is now gone. People all over the world are “re-commiting” their lives to God by stepping forward to altar calls. Tears run down their cheeks, the music elevates the soul…or the feelings? The soft piano and the soothing guitar and the slow voice bring peace to the returning prodigal son…new commitments, new strength to do what’s “right.” We ask God to bless our plans and our dreams and we feel good. And many times these are sincere feelings. Yes, we all wish we could have done better in 2009 to improve our relationship with God, our family, friends, etc. But have you, oh christian, realized that Christianity is NOT mainly a RELATIONSHIP with Christ, but rather a life of SERVITUDE to Him? You have to buffet your budy, sacrifice, make your body your slave, that it may praise your God who is Lord of your life whether you are Christian or not. Christianity is a life of servitude to the God that saved us. Let this video show you what it means to be a Christian. Meditate on this and let this be what guides you this year.


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