Godly Relationships

Young brothers, whether you are in a relationship or not, this book is for you. It will turn your approach to relationships (and further) upside down to a Christocentric view that pleases Him and Him alone. I understand that sometimes homework and daily preoccupations can be overwhelming and reading a book can seem to be boring or obnoxious, but we must set time apart to learn how to grow spiritually through a Biblical focus. We are commanded by God to become Biblical men, that will guide, shepherd, protect, and lead the next generation of Christians to fulfill 2 Timothy 3:17 first in us and then in the next generation – all for God’s glory.

Training for life starts at home, in the family. Those who are called to this have the great responsibility to look beyond romantic relationships into the fulfillment of Christ-centered manhood in marriage.

Big calling, brothers. But we are not alone, God is with us, and if we choose to please Him by preparing ourselves to first disciple at home, we will then be able to minister outside of it.

“Every governor of a family ought to look upon himself as obliged to act in three capacitis as a prophet, to instruct; as a priest, to pray for and with; as a king, to govern, direct, and provide for them” – George Whitefield.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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