A Study of the Psalms – A Project in Progress –


It is a very exciting time for me because the Lord has been directing me to study the book of the Psalms for some time now. The Psalms are an amazing collection of profoundly theological songs and hymns that magnify the name of the LORD and set our souls on fire for God. This is the goal of all human beings, to glorify and magnify the name of the LORD and find pleasure, joy, love, peace, purpose, dread, fear, and a limitless wealth of God-honoring theology in each line of every Psalm.

I used to read these Psalms very casually in the past. But as God has graciously opened my eyes to the precious doctrines of Grace I can no longer read the Psalms indifferently and without awe and fear of the One who is forever Holy, amen.

This is why I am setting on a gigantic journey, and I covet your prayers on this; I will be writing an entry on each 150 Psalms of the Bible, to the glory, praise, and honor of our LORD and God.

Pray with me and join me in a journey that will set your mind and your spirit on fire for God’s doctrine; that will make it far more precious than jewels or gold, and will help you live a life that is more pleasing to Him.

There is incomprehensible joy and happiness to be found in the Psalms, as well as incomprehensible dread, fear, and terror. I will let Martin Luther articulate what I cannot, and let him introduce this study of the Psalms, however short it may fall,

“The psalter ought to be a precious and beloved book, if for no other reason than this: it promises Christ’s death and Resurrection so clearly–and pictures His kingdom and the conditions and nature of all Christendom–that it might well be called a little Bible. In it is comprehended most beautifully and briefly everything that is in the entire Bible…Thus the psalter lays before us not only their [the authors of the Psalms] words instead of their deeds, but their very hearts and the inmost treasure of their souls, so we can look down to the foundation and source of their words and deeds. We can look into their hearts and see what kind of thoughts they had, how their hearts were disposed, and how they acted in all kinds of situations, in danger and need…A human heart is like a ship on a wild sea, driven by the storm winds from the four corners of the world. Here it is stuck with fear and worry about impending disaster; there comes grief and sadness because of present evil. Here breathes a breeze of hope and anticipated happiness; there blows security and joy in present blessings…What is the greatest thing in the psalter but this earnest speaking amid these storm winds of every kind? Where does on find finer words of joy than in the psalms of praise and thanksgiving? There you look into the hearts of all the saints, as into fair and pleasant gardens; yes, as into heaven itself. Then you see what fine and pleasant flowers of the heart spring up from all sorts of fair and happy thoughts toward God, because of His blessings. On the other hand, where do you find deeper, more sorrowful, more pitful words of sadness than in the psalms of lamentation? There you look into the hearts of all the saints as into death; yes, as into hell itself. How gloomy and dark it is there, with all kinds of troubled forebodings about the wrath of God. So, too, when they speak of when they speak of fear and hope, they use such words that no painter could so depict for you fear or hope, and no Cicero or any other orator so portray them.” – Martin Luther (1)

I have already written my first entry on Psalm 148. Please feel free to stop by and read it so you may be blessed and may grow to love God’s truth more than any other precious jewel on Earth.

I just finished an entry on the first verse of the first Psalm; please feel free to stop by and read this one as well.


Eliezer Salazar

1- Luther, Martin, 1483-1546; Lenker, John Nicholas, 1858-1929. Luther’s commentary on the first twenty-two Psalms : based on Dr. Henry Cole’s translation from the original Latin (Kindle Location 413-454). 

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