This Is How Preaching Ought To Be

From Albert Martin:

God’s multifaceted rescue mission that we call salvation, a salvation centered in the cross of Christ, has no “extra’s.” Every cross-secured redemptive privilege answers to a specific facet of sin’s tragic effects upon the human race. In other words, Christ’s work on the cross is what it is because we are what we are: sinners. When we begin to meditate on the various categories within which the accomplishments of Jesus’ death are set before us, we find that each one of those categories answers a very specific aspect of sin’s tragic influence in and upon us and also upon God’s relationship to us a sinner.*

Albert Martin then goes on to list five categories of Christ’s work on the cross corresponding to a specific area of humanity’s sinful condition. I will list the five points without his elaboration. They are:

1. Sin produces guilt.
2. Sin provokes the wrath of God.
3. Sin creates real alienation.
4. Sin brings us into a state of bondage and slavery.
5. Sin has brought us under the control of sinister, evil powers.

To listen to his preaching go (with others as well) here or get the book found here.
Soli Deo Gloria!

For his Glory,

*Joel Beeke , The Beauty and Glory of Christ (Gran Rapids: Reformed Heritage books, 2011), 104

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