Boyd: “Chaos Is Beautiful”

The above is an interview of Gregory Boyd, a well-known open-theist, annihilationist, “kingdom living” proponent, among many other things, where he is interviewed on his book titled “The Myth of a Christian Religion.” I would like to review this video a little more closely.  The reason?  Theology matters.  It’s these kinds of leaders who lead people away from the Christ of the Bible and into the mire of relativism.
What Boyd says in this video may sound cool, hip, Biblical, or even godly. But it is not.
Boyd denies the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture, as far as I know (I need to double check this) he is a Universalist (believes everyone will be saved), which makes his annihilationism (belief that there is no hell but that all the wicked will be immediately destroyed when they die – Basically he denies that there will be eternal conscious torment in hell for those who rebelled against God) a logical conclusion of his universalism; he also believes in purgatory, and he is an open theist (belief that God is not omniscient, that he changes and “gets better” over time by learning from human beings), believes that Adam and Eve were not literal persons who actually existed, denies that Genesis 1 and 2 are to be taken literally, thus leading to embracing a sort of mixture between evolution and Christianity. 
Most importantly (what overarches all of the above) is his confusion about what the gospel is. To him the gospel (living in the kingdom) is being Boy Scouts whose sole purpose is not to preach the gospel of sin, judgment, wrath, repentance, faith, regeneration, sanctification, and glorification all by grace alone, through faith alone, by Christ alone, by Scripture alone, and to the glory of God alone, but the gospel is not “imposing our wills on others” but to do good deeds in the community, to feed the poor, to shelter the widows, to fight political oppression with “love,” etc, etc, etc. 
There are so many other things that he believes that are not Biblical, and I can provide evidence for all the ones I listed here (from his own mouth), but my main point is this: are people excited about someone who rejects Scripture and denies the truth of God revealed in it? Are people excited about someone who promotes an image of Christ that does not exist (meaning idolatry)? Are people so excited about a heretic wolf who like Paul said is preaching “another gospel” (Galatians 1:8)?
Do you know what Paul calls upon men like these? Do you know what he calls them? ANATHEMA, or, in current language, “let them go to hell, let them be CURSED by God Himself, let them be damned.”  If Paul were living I believe Boyd would stone Paul with his little love rocks and include him with the “mean people who impose their will on others,” or to the group of those who believe in the “ugly picture of God…a picture of a God who would damn you in a second if I do the wrong thing or believe in the wrong thing.
Obviously he “cracked under that system.” With no rules, no boundaries, no foundation for ANY belief, why, who’s to stop him from rejecting almost all of what the Scriptures themselves proclaim is ESSENTIAL for salvation? Who’s to stop him from preaching a gospel of “love,” which I personally find disgusting because it’s not a Biblical view of love BY FAR)?

This man is a heretic, and I don’t apologize for saying that. He has created a god of his own imagination and rejected the true God of the Bible. His shirt says “it’s against my relationship to have a religion.” We’ve come to a point in our culture where having a system has become a taboo, something forbidden, something “alien” to Christianity. In fact, his very rejection of a systematic, organized religion and his embracing relativism and his own prideful desire to have a God who has no wrath, who has no justice, who has no holiness, who has no sovereignty, who has no omniscience, no GODNESS, nothing at all, that Christ Himself attributed to Him (by the way) is the very reason why he (Boyd) can (or thinks he can) say:
“I’m not gonna disfellowship you because we disagree [in the context he’s referring to theology], because I need you and you need me to fight the monster we’re both called to fight.”
What did Christ and Paul say about shaking hands and joining forces with the devils who would infiltrate the church and teach damnable heresies? Didn’t Christ condemn those who did the same thing? The very “prophet of love” that Boyd pretends to claim for himself was the very one who preached hell fire unless they repented and put their faith IN HIM ALONE.
What all of this leads to is this: relativism. Let me quote Boyd again (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND PRAYERFULLY):

Denise: What is your hope for followers of Jesus at this point? Where do we go from here (notice she includes herself as a follower of Jesus)?

Boyd: “That is the question that is asked all over the place and it is the right question but no one has the answer, and maybe that’s a good thing….all over the world these beautiful expressions of who Jesus is (love and love alone according to Boyd) are rising up that are really getting it…the wind is blowing and moving in people’s lives; it looks very diverse and unorganized; but for just that reason it’s pretty beautiful. The hyper-organized model didn’t work so well, so now there’s this fresh thing that’s happening; so I encourage people to just live in the question and to try to discern the will of God (WHAT????). My church right now, we’re always living in the question, we’re like in the wilderness….we wanna live in communities, in the neighborhoods doing things and serving and looking like Jesus. We’re not sure how to get there, we’re trying different things. But as long as we’re trying them and moving forward, sooner or later we’ll get there, so I’m very optimistic.

So let’s see: the gospel is found in doing good works to other people, let’s do away with all boundaries and all forms and all the attributes of God we don’t like and that don’t fit into my little idol I call “Jesus” and leave only love (let’s change Isaiah 6:3 from “Holy, Holy, Holy” to “Love, Love, Love”), which, of course, (and he admits it in the quote above), leaves us with NO foundation whatsoever for truth, for beauty (which confuses me because he says that confusion, ignorance, and stupidity are beautiful), for the true gospel, for a right view of God (who I remind you is NOT omniscient in Boyd’s view and not sovereign), and even for the right view of human beings, as he says in this quote,
“That’s what [God]…thinks of us: we were worth dying for.”
Which, I hope I don’t need to say, is completely against what Scripture says.
Boyd believes in a works-based salvation that means nothing, leads nowhere (read the above quote) and gives you no assurance whatsoever of the end line,
“My church right now we’re always living in the question, we’re like in the wilderness….we’re not sure how to get there, we’re trying DIFFERENT THINGS (how about you try going back to Scripture and repent? That’s the only way Jesus and the rest of Scripture established after all), BUT AS LONG AS WE’RE TRYING THEM AND MOVING FORWARD, SOONER OR LATER WE’LL GET THERE (where?).”
Isn’t that what Muslims say? What Jehovah’s Witnesses say? What Mormons say? Even what some atheists say? What is the difference between Boyd and an unconverted sinner? Answer: none.
Here you have a “pastor,” a leader, a shepherd, consciously, willfully, and knowingly leading his sheep astray; we’re not talking about an ignorant person, he has a doctorate, he is an educated man; and people are also following his teachings that stem from all I’ve discussed above. This guy denies hell, but if he does not repent, because he is a teacher and dared to open God’s Word with the intention of attempting to remove the Holy God of Scripture to substitute Him for a toothless Christ slave to human beings and even equal to human beings in the extent of his knowledge, the extent of his love, the extent of his plan, and the extent of his gospel, he will suffer justly and rightly more than those who are not teachers.
Do I hope he repents?  Absolutely. Am I being mean? Absolutely. But with a purpose and Biblically? Absolutely. There are times when we are called and commanded as sons of God to expose false teachers and draw the sheep away from them, even if that means with a big wake up call.

Funny thing that a movement that claims to have no religion in the very breath they say that turns and excludes those who do not agree with their system. He criticizes the “myth of the Christian religion” by saying that Christianity has become a thing of “we’re better than them,” that they’re not Pharisees but that everyone else is because they don’t embrace the “Kingdom Living” theory he and many other non-Christians promote with no basis in the Bible. The irony is that after he criticizes the “myth of the Christian religion,” he has established one of his own, making all others who do not ascribe to it hypocrites, mean, not Jesus-like (not Christians), hateful, arrogant, unloving, etc. Where does the hypocrisy really lie, I wonder?
Since Boyd has removed all forms and systems and left us only with “Jesus,” a very limited and unbiblical Jesus by the way, we must join hands with everyone, preaching a “gospel” of love without confrontation, without true healthy doctrine, without much Bible exegesis (because, after all, we can try different things and it doesn’t matter if he’s an open theist and you’re not, it doesn’t matter if he denies hell and you don’t). All we need is love. This is the gateway to relativism and the end of Christianity AS JESUS TAUGHT IT.
Brothers please, be prudent, have some discretion, have some discernment before you allow teachings that sound “cool” and that hype you up go unchecked by the Bible. This man is extremely dangerous, and many don’t realize it.
If I sound “confrontational” or “unloving,” or “hateful” and “judgmental,” I admit all of those charges. If, for the sake of God and for the sake of you who read this and may have been lured into this kind of thinking.  If I am “confrontational, unloving, hateful, and judgmental,” so be it. I love God and His truth and His people.  I am pleading and warning all who are reading this: pray for discernment, don’t be swayed by every wind of doctrine like babies; be mature in your thinking, pursue maturity in God-centered-honoring theology that will enable you to know the purpose for your existence: to worship God in Spirit and in Truth so you can love Him and enjoy His glory and majesty forever, truly (Psalm 148).

For if you cry for discernment, Lift your voice for understanding; If you seek her as silver and search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will discern the fear of the LORD and discover the knowledge of God.” – Proverbs 2:3-5

~ Soli Deo Gloria ~
If anyone is interested in evidence about  Boyd’s theology, please comment on this entry and I’ll gladly provide the links.

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