A Christ-Centered Philosophy of All Things


From the pen of Anthony Hoekema,

“Being a citizen of the kingdom, therefore, means that we should see all of life and all of reality in the light of the goal of the redemption of the cosmos. This implies, as Abraham Kuyper once said, that there is not a thumb-breadth of the universe about which Christ does not say, “It is mine.” This implies a Christian philosophy of history: all of history must be seen as the working out of God’s eternal purpose. This kingdom vision includes a Christian philosophy of culture: art and science reflect the glory of God and are therefore to be pursued for his praise. It also includes a Christian view of vocation: all callings are from God, and all that we do in everyday life is to be done to God’s praise, whether this be study, teaching, preaching, business, industry, or housework. George Herbert has put it well:

Teach me, my God and King, 
In all things Thee to see, 
And what I do in anything 
To do it as for thee.1

Hoekema and Piper put it better than I ever could:

1 Hoekema, Anthony A. (1994-03-01). The Bible and the Future (p. 54). Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. Kindle Edition. 


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