The Church Needs More Gospel

What is it that the church needs today more than anything else? We are told that since the youth are leaving churches at an alarming rate, that we need churches to be more centered on the youth. After all, they’re those who will take over once the elderly are taken to glory. On the other hand, we are told that what we need is more sanctification. Well, isn’t it obvious? We hear the stories about pastors and members caught in adultery, children engaging in illicit acts, of course, what we need is more sanctification!

I would submit to you that what we need is more gospel! ” Oh, but we know the Gospel already”, you might know it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you believe it (and I would also submit to you, that what we hear preached in a number of so called churches is not the Gospel).

Brothers, it is believing the gospel message that produces sanctification. It is believing the gospel message, that convicts a teenager to remain under the leadership of elders, because it is ultimately Christ that commands Him, and it is Christ that is King.

Our Christian walk, can only take place, and only progresses, because of the Gospel.

Sanctification needs the Gospel as its final protection. All who are saved at the end will be saved by the same means as at the beginning. Our sanctification will be no more capable of saving us at the end than it was at the beginning. So much for those who see final salvation to be based on our sanctification. “What the church needs today is more sanctification!” This is a common cry heard today. It is unfortunate, however, that the cry so often signifies an elevating of sanctification to the status of the Gospel. If the Gospel is that which produces genuine sanctification (and who wants any other sort?) and the church needs more genuine sanctification, then the church needs more Gospel. The Gospel is the power of God for producing sanctification. – John W. Robbins

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