Sola Society: On "Profanity"

Some thoughts I have on this issue presented in a set of questions:

  • Is there something inherent in “cuss words” that makes them “obscene”?
  • Other than society agreeing on certain vocabulary being “cussing,” why is it that we don’t say the same about “fudge!” or “crap” or any other substitutes?
  •  Aren’t you expressing the same idea or emotion?
  • Aren’t you actually thinking of the cuss word when you use the substitute? At that point, does it really matter what word you use?
  •  Why is it that the same word considered a “cuss” word in one place is not considered so in another place and viceversa? How objective is that?
  • Are the words you use really relevant or can you hurt/belittle people or even curse God with ANY word (s)?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Are you in a better standing than those who use “cuss” words just because you used a substitute?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Lastly, if the reason why “cuss” words are categorized as such by society, in other words, if society is the determiner of what is wholesome and what isn’t, and if the Word of God commands us “not to be conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2), aren’t we being conformed to the world rather than to Christ by following this kind of mentality?

As my friend Tom says in the video series below, “If you say ‘society says,’ then it becomes ‘Sola Society,’ and not ‘Sola Scriptura.'”

Here’s a four-part video series of my friend Tom sharing some thoughts on this and which actually prompted me to think through about this more Biblically. Be sure to check out his channel as well:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

In all things, regardless of where it leads or the consequences, let’s aim to consistently live and think Biblically.

Sola Scriptura — Soli Deo Gloria


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