John Owen on the Wisdom of God in the Incarnation of the Son

“The glory of Christ’s humiliation was the result of the divine wisdom of the Father as well as of the love of the Son. It was the highest evidence of God’s loving care towards his sinful human creatures. What can be compared to it? It is the glory of Christianity and the life-giving power of all evangelical truth. It lifts up the mystery of the wisdom of God above the reason or understanding of men and angels so that it becomes the object of faith and wonder only. It is a mystery that exalts the greatness of God.

Considering the infinite instance between God and his creation, it is not surprising that all his works and ways cannot be understood by his creatures (Job 11:7-9; Rom. 11:33-36).”

Law, R. J. K. “The Glory of Christ Humbling Himself.” The Glory of Christ. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1994. 47. Print.


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