John Owen on Denying the Incarnation

“….To unbelievers and the disobedient who stumble at the Word, Christ is a ‘stone of stumbling and a rock of offence’. They cannot, they will not see the glory of Christ’s infinite willingness to humble himself to take our nature upon him. They have no desire to see it. They hate and despise it. It is offensive to them. So they choose to deny completely that he is God rather than admit that he humbled himself for our sakes. Rather than admit this glory, they will allow him no glory.
They say he was merely a man and that this was his only glory. This is the principle of darkness and unbelief which works so effectively in the minds of many. They think it absurd that one person can be both man and God. So they see no glory in Christ and find no refuge or safety in him. But it is just here that faith triumphs against them. Faith sees that to be a glorious sanctuary which unbelief cannot see.”

Law, R. J. K. “The Glory of Christ Humbling Himself.” The Glory of Christ. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1994. 48-49. Print.

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