Eating From Your Own Plate

An emotion, for the sake of this post, we will define as ” a mental state that arises spontaneously”. Emotions play a huge part in our feel good society. We are indirectly taught that “if it feels good, it must be right”. However, “negative” emotions, any sensation that is related to guilt or shame, we should stay away from. While that seems like perfectly “good” human nature, it isn’t what’s actually good for us. Human nature, is corrupt, and fallen. Therefore, what feels good, isn’t necessarily good for us. It may feel good to go sleeping around with your next door neighbor, but the actual consequences that it brings upon your home and family, not so good. It may feel good to keep flirting with that woman in the office, but Proverbs tell us to stay away from such a woman (Proverbs 7). There are an infinite amount of scenarios we can make up, but it should be noted that these upheavals cannot be trusted.

What then is the quick fix to this dilemma? How do I make sure I’m only eating from the plate designated to me? The bad news is there’s no quick fix; the good news is there is a solution. “Theology is the road to holiness” once wrote Gordon H. Clark. What he meant by that is this:

The study of God, properly done, will bring about a life that moves away from all God tells us to move away from, and more towards what God tells us He takes pleasure in. This road is not easy. It make take hours of your day. It may require you to sleep a little later. The football game may just have to wait.  It may take months, and even then yet, mortification will not be done. But the result is a life not based on emotions that change from minute to minute, but a life firmed upon the stable, never changing, truth of God’s word.

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