Come, See the Omniscient Messiah – John 4:27-30 by E.B. Salazar

photo 1

CLICK HERE for audio and outline.

On Sunday, June 1st I had the great privilege to preach for the first time at my church, Grace Providence Church, on John 4:27-30.  It was quite a challenging passage for me, as I am used to teaching Systematic Theology, and this is a very short and simple passage.  The Lord was merciful to open my eyes to behold wondrous things out of His law (Ps. 119:18).  It is a rich passage full of very practical instruction to God’s people on who is Jesus to us individually, as a church, and how that knowledge fuels (or should fuel) our zeal for the spreading of the Gospel to all the unlikely sons and daughters of God spread all throughout the world (Is. 43:6; Rev. 9:5).

May this Samaritan woman teach us how to behold the glorious, omniscient Christ.

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