The Baptism Debate


1012475_1439230152966420_1699460474_nAffirm: Zachary Kueker is a Reformed Christian apologist.  Zachary runs a blog and a YouTube channel aiming to equip the saints to defend the faith with numerous articles and resources.  He has participated in two debates: Does the Bible Support Perseverance of the Saints? and Is Salvation Conditional? You can visit his blog here and his YouTube channel here.  Zachary  lives in Saint Cloud, Florida with his wife and son.


312034_2198502923426_643624002_n Deny: Chris Gautreau is a Christian Baptist apologist and street preacher.  Chris has numerous videos defending the Christian faith, including one debate on the topic of How Does Scripture Describe God’s Sovereignty?  You can visit his YouTube channel here.  Chris lives in Phelan, Southern California.





“I found this dialogue to be one of the besRobert-Morey-19-2497-283t debates on infant baptism I have ever read. I applaud the honesty of the Paedobaptist when he admitted that the doctrine of infant baptism could not be exegetically defended in Scripture. It can only be supported by appealing to something he called ‘reason’ and to ‘Covenant’ theology. Of course, he did not define either ‘reason’ or ‘Covenant’ theology because both terms have so many conflicting definitions that there is no common definition for either term.

1 Cor. 4:6 clearly forbids going ‘beyond’ written Scripture. ‘Reason’ and ‘covenant theology’ are both admitted ‘beyond’ Scripture. Any doctrine that bases itself solely on extra-biblical sources is almost always contra-scriptural. This is clearly true of the doctrine of ‘infant baptism,’ whatever those words mean.

The definition of ‘infant’ is defined in many different ways. When does an infant grow beyond infancy thus no longer qualifies for baptism? I have never been given a clear definition. Some Paedobaptists have said that once an infant reaches the ‘age of accountability,’ But they have never given me any Scripture for whatever they talking about. No one has been able to define it or at what age it kicks in.

The Baptist debater did a wonderful job refuting the Paedobaptist arguments. He dealt with the hidden presuppositions of his opponent. I strongly recommend this debate for all Christians who want to know the biblical answer.” – Dr. Robert A Morey, M.Div, Ph.D, D.D

9 thoughts on “The Baptism Debate

  1. Although I go to a Presbyterian in America church, I reject infant baptism. It was the first shoe to drop on my journey to rejecting covenant theology in favor of New Covenant Theology.

  2. One surely does not need to embrace NCT in order to deny infant baptism. Reformed Baptists hold to Covenant Theology without the paedo.

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