Compromising Christianity and the Gospel

Last Saturday I once again had the privilege to share the preacher’s mic with some amazing brothers in Christ.

My friend and Christian apologist, Tom Adams, uploaded some footage of it in his channel.  How do some churches compromise Biblical truth with the rising tides of secular thinking?  Can your works save you?



Do You Have Peace with God?

A few Saturdays ago I had the privilege of sharing the microphone for the first time with other very intelligent and awesome brothers in Christ at the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade.  I had the mic for over 30 minutes in which I wanted people to ponder one simple question: Do you have peace with God?

A few minutes later, a young lady came up to the microphone and started a dialogue with me about homosexuality.  More specifically, I think it was on the subject of morals in general, and what is objective vs. subjective truth.

Here is the video:

Please check out my brother Tom’s channel (who invited me to preach) here.